Today was laundry day. Occasionally unwilling as I am to stuff clean, folded clothes into the R’lyeh I call clothing storage areas, I went through my entire closet, including every drawer of my (very big) dresser. I made several startling discoveries:

1. Organizing my closet into “fits now” and “fits soon” makes it easier to conceptualize what’s currently available and gets me really excited about what I get to start wearing again soon as I continue to shed pounds. Things that technically can be zipped but do not fit as designed are not “fits now.”

2. The “fits now” category is almost everything I own. I have ONE item that’s too big, and I only bought it a few months ago. This means for the last two dress sizes I’ve been wearing (and buying) clothing that I should have recognized as being substantially too small. No wonder I thought I looked bad all the time. Nobody looks good in clothes that don’t fit. The upside of this is that nearly everything I own *actually* fits now.

3. Tee shirts for companies and organizations I would never, ever consent to work for again, do not support, etc do not belong in my house.

4. Items that I have for sentimental reasons but don’t ever wear don’t belong in my dresser.

5. Items that are really amazing fabrics but have holes in them (or that I just don’t wear) don’t belong in my dresser either. I can repair them, cannibalize them for scrap, or throw them away.

6. I have a ton of really cute stuff I don’t wear because it’s buried under stuff I don’t wear or it’s balled up and wrinkly.

7. Seriously, a TON of stuff. I threw away a shopping bag full of orphan socks, and my sock drawer is still full.


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